About Our Company

Verifact Research Inc. is a multi-service market research company based in Northern Ontario. We are now in our eighteenth year of operation and have developed a strong client base with many areas of expertise. Verifact has extensive experience with research related to both government and industry, locally, provincially, nationally and internationally.

Over the past few years we have worked to develop an expertise in Employee Satisfaction as well as Data Mining specifically related to Municipal Tranportation.

Our valued clients include all levels of Government, non-profit organizations, various Media, Engineering firms, the insurance industry, and franchise associations just to name a few.

Veri/Fact is fully equipped to undertake surveys, including Public Opinion Polling, Business Surveys, Key Informant Surveys, Focus Groups Session/Exploratory Interviews, Public Consultation Sessions, Needs Assessments, Data Analysis, Survey Development and Mystery Shopping. If you wish to Contact Us please feel free to leave your name and number and we will be sure to follow up with you.


Daily Demographic Detail

Statistics Canada notes that The Senior's Population (Age 55 and older) of the City of Greater Sudbury respresents 37% of its total population. Canada as a whole reports the population 55 years and older represents 30% of its total population. Sudbury has a Senior's boom in its future!

  • City of Greater Sudbury Senior Population 11,000 representing 37% of total population
  • Province of Ontario Senior Population 110,000 representing 35% of total population
  • Canada Senior Population 1110,000 representing 33% of total population

Watch for the next round of unique perspectives on Demographic data.